Jimmy-Cheng_HK copyHey peeps, I am a chap from Hong Kong who loves photography. Talktog is a place where I share my work, knowledge on tools that I use and experience of being a day-to-day photographer, and being a father of twins. I will also give non-bias (hey, no bribery here) reviews to camera equipment or anything to help me get through my photography day.

I write about how I feel about stuff I use and will let the pictures tell the story (sorry geeks, no lab tests here for sharpness and stuff either). Also I will not dissect any of the cameras or lenses here nor tearing any of the bags for your pleasure because they are my own gears!

Cameras, lenses are tool for you to create your work. So ultimately, they are just a piece of metal and glass that HELP you capture what you SEE. A £10000 camera won’t make you a better photographer, nor a £10 point and shoot will make you a loser either. My reviews, simply base on how I use them and the good and bad from my stand point for the type of photos I do.

If you like my work, please support me by subscribing my blog and through Amazon where I can earn a little something from them. Yes, I am not mega rich and now have a pair of twins to look after so every penny counts. But whether you do or not, if you have read this page, I thank you personally for reading who I am.

Just so you know, I am a long term Canon user, from its film SLRs to the latest digital incarnations. I now also shoot film and digital Leica M. On top of that, I use many different vintage film cameras for my pleasure such as the quirky Pentax 110 Auto and Zeiss Flavorit TLR.

OH… this site is still in progress and thanks for your understanding.



See more of my photography journey at my Facebook page @ Facebook.com/FotosByJ

My professional wedding page @ www.jimmycheng.photography and my portfolio page @ www.jimmycheng.gallery


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