TwinsBlog - 33

Learning scooter!

Ok, I have to admit, things are going crazy this year. 2017 seems to be a break through year for my photography business and I have been super busy. It’s a good thing but on a flip side, it means I simply don’t have much time to blog here.

I feel bad for not updating my twins blog as often as I would like and I haven’t forgotten my followers, my dear readers and my friends who have been following my twins growing up since they were born four years ago. These blogs are important, not just for you guys but for my family and my two little monkeys. These are records of them. I really hope that one day they will read them.

TwinsBlog - 35

Excited about supermarket!

I am super behind with my twins blog and I am only writing the spring edition now when the summer is right here. But as said from my previous blog, as my twins grow, their changes, growth and development no longer as obvious as they were babies. I do feel old all of the sudden. In terms of growth, there simply isn’t much to report apart from that they are both taller. The only thing is that Ashton is still pretty skinny and believe me, he can still wear pants for a 3-year-old!

TwinsBlog - 17

Blue bell walk

But they are healthy, that’s the main thing. I still remember the time when they are always ill, especially Ashton. The first three years were like hell. Sleepless nights, constant illnesses, you name it. Now, by comparison, they are a lot better. I am not too worry about Annabelle and she’s always the more mature one. She now talks like a little lady, very chatty in fact. Ashton, a little unpredictable, feels like a yo-yo. Sometimes, he’s very good at communication but he can switch just like flipping a switch, back to the old screaming version and does not use a single word.

TwinsBlog - 7

Looking smart!

Oh one thing that still both Sue and I is toilet training with Ashton. Annabelle is absolutely ok now. We don’t have to worry about her at all. There are still the occasional accident at night but it’s very rare. Ashton is the right opposite. Not only he doesn’t want to go (at all!) and he rather wees and poops in his underwear than going to toilet. We have no idea why but he simply doesn’t want to do it. He would fight, scream and cry until you literally give up and let him does his business in his pants. Then there are the odd days when he’s totally fine and let us know when he needs to go. Ashton is a very strange boy!

TwinsBlog - 32

Starbucks time

Annabelle also loves learning and she has picked up alphabets pretty well and counts all the way to a hundred. She spells and starting to write her name too. Well, I guess I don’t need to say anything about Ashton as you may know what I am about to say. Umm.. Yup. But he does love dinosaurs and he does remember all the names! He’s fully capable of doing everything that Annabelle does but he chooses not to do it. I just hope soon he will learn to listen.

TwinsBlog - 14

Love them holding hands…sweet

So there you go, these are their development over the past few months and now here are some photos of them.

Thank you for reading my blog and please support my work and this site by buying stuff from Amazon via the link at the bottom (only if you need to buy stuff of course). 



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