Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 046-049 Winter Edition.

Just how excited they are!!

Just how excited they are!!

Blog number… ok, I am going to change my numbering tradition now. I will still number my title my own convenience when I come to find them. Well, I am also going to announce some changes to this site.

Double A's are growing so quick!

Double A’s are growing so quick!

From now, this site will be dedicated to my twins only. Yes, I haven’t quite my day job as a photographer and in fact, I am expanding into workshops and stuff, and the wonderful world of YouTube. I have a new site that will take over all the existing and future reviews of my Leica and other photography stuff. Please check them here and our YouTube channel HERE.

I am also reducing my frequency of my twins blog as they are now bigger and their development is less obvious but really mainly due to my extra workload to run all these new adventures. But I am not going to give up here. This is a nice diary and history of our family and I very much intending to continue as long as I can still use my computer and camera.

Winter Wonderland!!

Winter Wonderland!!

Well, what happened in the past few months then? While London was preparing to enter the winter, Ashton and Annabelle were preparing to enter their fourth year. Ok, before that, their dad, me, will celebrate his forty second birthday. Though I still felt like twenty four but there’s little doubt that my body didn’t think that way. I’d frozen my gym membership (ok, frozen, not cancelled!) for 12 months so I am still hoping that I could return in the future and I think I need it. Susan booked us a little get-away, which for some reasons, I mentioned it in my last blog, a little too early.

Happy Birthday! We are 4 years old!

Happy Birthday! We are 4 years old!

Anyway, we’d been extending Ashton and Annabelle’s nursery time from half day to full day, three days a week, and they are settling in very well. Annabelle had really developed into a little lady now. Her speech and expression had advanced a lot. Not to mention that she’s bilingual, fluent both in Cantonese and English. She’s also toilet-trained now which made our lives a lot easier. However, Ashton, though not quite the opposite, had always been the trouble one. His language skill and expression both advanced a lot since the summer but he still liked to scream (or growl) a lot and, for some reasons, hit people. This could be a boy thing and I’d been told by the teachers that his behaviour was common in boys at this age. I sincerely hope that he will grow out of it, soon.

More Power Ranger time

More Power Ranger time

Then in terms of toilet training, Ashton had taken a step backward, a big one too. At one point, he started to tell people that he wanted to wee and asked to go. The all of the sudden, he just “let it go”. He didn’t even seem to mind wearing a wet-through trousers and the teachers only realised until they saw his wet pants. OMG! We ended up washing two pairs of trousers every single day for almost a month! He still wet himself lately but less frequent and I think he’s beginning to ‘get it’? I hope so. But he has developed another bad behaviour, he now doesn’t go poo poo until his belly nearly explodes! I have lost words to describe and Ashton will just fight you for not going to toilet!

I am more gentle and just sat on a train with them.

I am more gentle and just sat on a train with them.

Boy boy boy. Ashton really is a sweet boy, when he behaves and I can see that he actually knows more than it looks. He understands everything and anything happening around him. He just doesn’t like to share or express.

Well, twins are just full of surprises. While we thought Ashton was getting worst and Annabelle was getting better, there are some aspects that were just the opposite. Ashton actually gets braver and is more willing to interact with other people, though he still hits them. Annabelle just becomes more shy for some reasons. Ashton also loves dressing up as super hero (RED Power Ranger) and Annabelle just, well, sits at a corner and plays by herself. Ok, this is a little extreme and you can also see the bond between Ashton and Annabelle. Everytime we take one of them out and you will find the other asking for his/her sister or brother. Really sweet. They also love to play with each other a lot (and fight a lot at the same time). This is just a house full of fun.

Ashton became Captain America!

Ashton became Captain America!

Over the past few months, we celebrated their birthday, then Christmas, New Year, grandma and Susan’s birthdays and Chinese New Year! Woah, what a festive quarter, and an expensive one too. It’s always nice to see kids smiles. I guess that’s what parents really want to see. We are blessed to have these two lovely kids and I can wait to share their growth with you for years to come! Until next time, have a great day.

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