Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 040

Blog number forty.

It was May. Summer was approach. I could see the sun more often than any previous months though temperature wasn’t rising any higher. After coming back from Hong Kong, my workload had been increasing, mainly due to my seasonal career (wedding season). I mentioned from my last blog that I was starting to struggle with work especially when I had to look after the kids three days a week after nursery. It had a huge impact to my work progress and as I loaded up with more work, my backlog was also extending. Well, it’s an adjustment period because neither Ashton nor Annabelle was ready for full time nursery just yet.

A nice day out to the beach, while daddy is working!

A nice day out to the beach, while daddy is working!

Work aside, Ashton and Annabelle both developed very well. Ashton was still a scream head and ‘NO’ everything. But when he does behave and in a good mood, he’s the sweetest boy ever. Annabelle was also a nice girl but she started to pick up some bad habits from her brother. She never really screamed but she did throw some a hum when she’s not happy. But nothing that my wife and I would complaint of course, they were kids. These were kids thing.

Family time!

Family time!

I must admit that I hadn’t spent as much time teaching them stuff but whenever I do, Annabelle was usually the one who had the patience to listen and learn. Ashton was always the one who sat for one minute then would do his things. Therefore, not surprisingly, Annabelle was, for now, the more sophisticated one out of the two. Her communication skills were very well and use of vocabularies was amazing. Ashton has improved, but not by learning from us, but his sister. The funny thing was that Ashton still couldn’t pronounce certain words properly, more like a bend accent.

We bought the yellow scooter for Ashton but he insists having the pink one!

We bought the yellow scooter for Ashton but he insists having the pink one!

I went to Brighton one day to photograph a couple on the beach and my wife took the kids over to meet me after the shoot. While I couldn’t spend time with them, they came to visit me instead! It was a lovely day and just very relaxing for the kids to sit on the beach and play.

They both love to pose now...

They both love to pose now…

This month was also the first time we took the kids to cinema. We never really did something like this and not surprisingly, they loved it. At first, both were a little scared about the ‘darkness’ in the cinema and those ‘Sony 4K’ and audio demonstrations. But they were fine as soon as the movie started. I was quite surprise that they could sit through the entire movie without screaming! That was the most peaceful two hours we had for the day 😀

Doing the 'Kung Fu' pose!

Doing the ‘Kung Fu’ pose!

Well a huge thank you to my beloved wife, the twins were never bored at home. When I was working, she would take them to parks and visit friends. Now that they were older, they were much better to be traveled with, at longer distances too. They no longer napped in the car, unless they were fully exhausted or ill, in the morning. So we took them to Hasting for my brother’s birthday day out. It was part of English Heritage, which I was a member of. It was nothing more than a big giant field of grass but the castle looking building was quite nice. Yet the most impressive thing was the restaurant we had lunch in. It was a very old building dated back a few hundreds years ago. We had a nice meal and the kids loved it too, well, more for the ice cream.

Hasting was such a lovely place.

Hasting was such a lovely place.

Lastly, Ashton and Annabelle finally started to get used to their new nursery. They knew they had to walk every morning to school and then walk back after. We hadn’t use our twin buggy for a while. In many ways, I started to feel sentimental about their growth. The buggy was with us from the beginning and now that they rarely used it. There were lots of memory with it. The cutest thing with Ashton and Annabelle was that they loved holding hands when they walked to nursery. Bless 🙂

Some art work from school!

Made some art works for Theo and Brandon!

Next month, more places to cover, still holding hands, Ashton becoming a good boy and I got more work!



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