Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 038

Blog number thirty eight.

Swing Swing Swing!

Swing Swing Swing!

First and foremost, I must apologise for my delay in writing my twins blogs and it’s been three months late as I am simply too busy to write anything these days. Good of course from the business perspective but bad when I am very much committed to this monthly issue, which also acts as a diary for my twins when they grow up!

Filling up the shoes :)

Filling up the shoes 🙂

Anyway, Chinese New Year is here. They are now three and to me, it seems like that they suddenly grow a lot bigger. Having said that, there isn’t much development from either of them this month, Ashton still screams and Annabelle is still a chatter box. They do seem to play better with each other these days but yes they still fight like WW3. When people say trouble-two, I can officially say that kids at two aren’t too bad. Three is now the official ‘trouble’. Why? Well, they are now old enough to learn each other’s bad habits. Strange that they don’t learn the other way however, which quite puzzles me sometimes.

Wow, more team play!!

Wow, more team play!!

They are both very cheeky these days and I sometimes couldn’t help but laugh when we have a conversations with them. Ashton still loves to repeat words and phrases but Annabelle is one that really cracks me up as she just bursts out with words out of the blue. She’s definitely very good with her speech now. Though in Cantonese, she understands English words too! Ashton understands Cantonese very well but he’s just not willing to or simply too lazy to put words into proper use so he rather screams than say it out.

Annabelle was very excited about the displays.

Annabelle was very excited about the displays.

So with Chinese New Year, we put them in the traditional costumes but taking a proper photo with them both standing together is virtually impossible. So the only thing we could ‘stabilise’ them is by bribing them with snacks. But then the drawback is that all the photos I took will have their mouth full 🙂

Ok, at three-year-old, it's becoming impossible to pose them for a photo. The only chance is to bribe them with snacks!

Ok, at three-year-old, it’s becoming impossible to pose them for a photo. The only chance is to bribe them with snacks!

It did seem like London is celebrating Chinese New Year more and more every year. This year we area also greeted by the first Lantern Festival! It was perhaps the highlight of the month indeed. I guessed everyone enjoyed it. Despite the freezing temperature, the sheer amount of creative and colourful lit-up lanterns simply made you forget your cold hands and feet. It was amazing and I ended up taking more photos of the lanterns than my kids, but it was too dark to get any decent shots anyway. But Annabelle didn’t give up any chance of being photographed however. Ashton was rather chilled and eventually sat in the buggy and then fell asleep, then woke up just when we walked out of the display (how typical haha).

Here's my cheeky monkey!

Here’s my cheeky monkey!

Yet, all these photos are more for memory than anything and I am treasuring every photo my wife and I took of them every day. Witnessing their growth is perhaps the biggest enjoyment of being parents. Even though there isn’t much to update this month, we are planning a lot of things for the near future, including moving them to a new nursery and start going full time. That’s going to be interesting.

Next month, Ashton and Annabelle had their final day at the current nursery and making our way to Hong Kong!

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