Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 037

Blog number thirty seven.

Annabelle always wants to join her brother.

Annabelle always wants to join her brother.

After the big celebration of blog 36 last month, here I am, writing a new blog and also marks a new chapter of my twins and myself as a father. This is the first blog of the year and things can’t be more exciting. It’s a new year and a new beginning.

A lot of photographers here!

A lot of photographers here!

So let’s begin with some interesting developments from our lovely twins. Well, Ashton and Annabelle are both well and bouncy, literally. As mentioned in previous blogs, Annabelle’s speech has developed very well and now she has learnt more vocabularies and able to communicate much better. Ashton, while screams less, is still a little loud and likes to throw tantrums whenever something displeases him. We are trying various methods but so far nothing much as worked too well on him. Though we believe it has something to do with his inability to communicate well enough. Yet, since when Ashton was a baby, he’s always been short tempered and impatient. It’s very difficult to change a person if this is his personality but at least we want him to have a little bit of self control. Of it’s simply a boy thing. We don’t know.

Ashton loves his new toy!

Ashton loves his new toy!

Having said that, Ashton is a very sweet boy when he behaves. And he does when he’s in a good mood and have plenty of sleep. Speaking of sleep, you know what I am going to say right? Yes, Ashton is still not a good sleeper. Well, more precisely, Annabelle and Ashton seem to take turn to disrupt our sleep. It would be either one to wake up in the middle of the night and requires our attention. It’s been over three years and we don’t seem to have a good sleep. Better, but not over yet.

Learning to draw.

Learning to draw.

This month, we also started to plan a full-time nursery for both. It would mean that moving nursery from our sister-in-law’s parent’s school to a more local establishment. It would be a huge change for everyone. Especially for Sue and I when we won’t get to see them full day on Thursday and Friday anymore. This is definitely a new start for everyone, including us. We need to adapt to a new schedule like dropping kids off to school and picking them up after work. It suddenly feels like they are all grown up.

Ashton was screaming... again!

Ashton was screaming… again!

It’s weird in a way when I think about this, especially so whenever I see the picture of them when they were barely three months old on the cabinet. Equally, I just saw how much younger (and slimmer) I was just over three years ago. Now I understand the transition from being a worry and commitment-free individual to the total opposite of being a father. The stress from both outside and inside the house is nerve cracking. Yet at the same time, the quality time that I had with my twins and my wife seem like winning the lottery! Yes, it’s a little extreme but it’s the reality. I work hard, and try to be the best that I can for being a father, a husband and a successful photographer. There are a lot on my plate right now and only time will tell if I have achieved what I set out in my mind. One step at a time, just like watching my kids learning every day. I can’t rush things, so I let them develop at the own pace.

then he can be just as sweet as honey!

then he can be just as sweet as honey!

Next month, Ashton started conversations, still screaming while Annabelle negotiates.

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