Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 034

Playing together, happily!

Playing together, happily!

Blog 34.

Summer is definitely winding down. My busy wedding season is also coming to an end pretty soon. Having said that, I am still very busy with other photography stuff. Oh yes, I am having my birthday this month too! Not that I want to remember my age but hey, it’s an excuse to have some family time.

Family selfie!

Family selfie!

Watching my twins grow everyday is a pleasure yet can be stressful at the same time. I guess one will never rest when he/she becomes dad or mom. Hey that’s life, we will never rest, stop worrying or get frustrated with kids. But it’s always a reward whenever you see them smiles, laugh and happy. But now I look back in 2015, it seems that both Ashton and Annabelle have grown so much. As I write this monthly update, I often look back at some older photos of them and they just reminded me of my twins when they were babies. Awwwww…

Then climbing to exhaustion and fell asleep after :D

Then climbing to exhaustion and fell asleep after 😀

Anyway, it’s my birthday month and we celebrated together for lunch. Ashton and Annabelle enjoyed the venue as their playground more than the nice food though. I guess they wouldn’t quite understand or appreciate yet. But enjoyment is personal and as long as they are smiling, everything else doesn’t matter.

Now that both Ashton and Annabelle are back to their 100% health after recovering fully from their chicken pox episode, they are also back to our planned weekly routine. Annabelle now goes swimming class on Thursdays and Ashton on Sundays. Well, you may ask why won’t they go together? Well, there’s a reason for it because both would go with mommy and neither wants daddy 😦 Oh yes, if we are all in the pool, both would fight for mommy. Then Annabelle doesn’t like going swimming with daddy so mommy has to go with her on Thursday while Ashton doesn’t mind me when mommy and sister aren’t around. Strange but yes.

Slide time.

Slide time.

Swimming aside, Ashton and Annabelle can be quite the opposite however, like at home, Ashton just sticks with mommy when Annabelle would play with me. I just can’t understand that sometimes. Puzzles Puzzles.

We also visited a few friends over October. Now that our twins are older, they are able to travel further without the usual outcry when they were younger. Though Annabelle just sleeps through the journey most of the time. Ashton is a little more difficult so we usually time ourselves and start our journey just about their afternoon nap time. Now that they are a little better with strangers and other kids, they are not afraid to interact with others, but only after a long period of warming up. Before that, as usual, just stick with mommy.

Jump again :)

Jump again 🙂

Anyway, just getting on with our family life I guess. But I slowly realise just how big they are now, ok, may not be size wise but they both definitely have matured a little. Ashton is still a scream head but he seems to be getting a little better… or I should say he understands a little more why he shouldn’t scream? We also introduce ‘thinking steps’, so we will put them to he corner of the stair case whenever they misbehave themselves. Annabelle is also getting cheekier. She definitely talks a lot more and better than Ashton. But after nearly three years, Sue and I both notice that girls seem to develop quicker than boys. So far it seems all true as Ashton seems to be around 2 – 3 months slower than Annabelle. I also guess that this is more to do with the general laziness of boys, sorry guys but it’s true. Ashton seems to like to do things at his own terms or whenever he wants. Annabelle would just do it and get on with it. She also likes to observe and learn about what adults do. Of course every kid is different and my observation isn’t scientific. Every twins are different so this is only our experience.

Enjoying fireworks!

Enjoying fireworks!

Finally, this is the ‘fireworks’ month with Halloween. I remembered that they both got really scared last year and we were hoping that they would be better this year. But no, well kind of, that Ashton wouldn’t mind but Annabelle was really annoyed by the loud bangs from the fireworks. In the end, they all stayed behind our garden glass door with Aunty Emma and her twins (yes another twins!). I was running back and forth lighting up the ‘bang bang’! Happy Halloween!

October has passed, they will be three soon!

Next month, less scream from Ashton, more cheeky talks from Annabelle.

More snaps here for your pleasure 🙂


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If you wonder what ‘tools’ I used to captures all my photos, here’s a list of them.

Canon EOS M Compact System Camera – White (22mm Lens with Adapter Kit, 18MP) 3 inch LCD

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