Minitar-1 Sample 014

Well well well, guess what? I am here sharing yet another gallery of images that I photographed at the 75th Battle of Britain anniversary in front of Buckingham palace earlier this month. Well, this set of photos is kind of unique because they were taken from another interesting lens from Lomography.

Minitar-1 Sample 036

To make things a little more interesting, I am the first photographer in the UK to test it. A complete written review is now live at

So there is no point for me repeating what’s been written already so rather than talk, I will let you have a look at the photos below to make up your mind if the Minitar-1 worths your money.\

Minitar-1 Sample 045

At least to me, the Minitar-1 is a rather fun and unique lens that brings smiles to my face. It deserves a place in my cabinet!




A full test gallery is here, enjoy 🙂

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