Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 026

Man, I am so so behind with my baby blogs lately. First I am super busy with my photography work, secondly, I am in a process of launching a new YouTube photography channel (yay stay tuned!)

A very serious pose from the 'double' A's :)

A very serious pose from the ‘double’ A’s 🙂

Many of you are my loyal readers and I feel so guilty for not posting anything for the past two months. But here I am, finally, slowly picking up what I left off from my previous twins blog.

February had been a big month for my kids (strange that I don’t call my twins babies anymore). No they are not. In fact, I just realised how much they’d grown since last Christmas! Now they are on their 5+ size nappies, some of their usual morning house clothes were getting tight (finally, they’d been oversized for over a year!!!). Yes, it’s all the signs of growing up. Of course my wife and I were very happy that they are growing fast and healthy!

A steel bowl becomes a helmet for Ashton!

A steel bowl becomes a helmet for Ashton!

But, a big but, that now they are officially entering the ‘trouble-two’ period. Umm.. is that a good or bad thing? I don’t know. I do find myself getting frustrated at them more often for sure. Now that Ashton and Annabelle both start to understand us, and vice-versa, they also learn to throw temper at us or simply do the opposite to what we tell them to do – in other word – NAUGHTY! Annabelle can still be little more gentle, perhaps it’s a girl thing. But Ashton can really annoy me sometimes. He screams and cries for anything that he doesn’t like or anything that irritates him. Oh dear…

... another smile!!

… another smile!!

Obviously that these things are common to kids at their age, hence the saying of “trouble two”. Some of my friends told me that they went through exactly the same things so in many ways, it’s a relief to hear. Yet it doesn’t ease my frustration whenever Ashton or Annabelle, or both, misbehave.

It's so good to see both of them playing together (though they still fight most of the time).

It’s so good to see both of them playing together (though they still fight most of the time).

This month also coincides with Chinese New Year and just like every year since I was a child, we took the opportunity to ‘dress up’ in some traditional clothes. Of course Ashton and Annabelle wouldn’t know anything about Chinese New Year nor the clothes they were wearing but I was hoping some of these images will remind them later when they grow up! My wife loves dressing them up and I usually leave this important (and fun) task to her and I will just take the photos after but with the Chinese costumes, I couldn’t help but to get involve!

A family selfie!

A family selfie!

As I was having a break with the new year, we took the twins to the Science museum to have a short wonder. Both got excited with new things but Ashton soon fell asleep. It was a short visit so we left after a couple of hours.

I rarely appear in front of the camera and thanks to Sue, I have one with Annabelle!

I rarely appear in front of the camera and thanks to Sue, I have one with Annabelle!

A week later, we also took the twins out to the National History Museum. Neither Sue or I have been there for many years and we were quite shocked at how many people queued at the entrance when we arrived. It certainly has transformed to a ‘tourist-must-see’ place since we last visited. There were lots of visitors before but no where near as many as now. Even with a queue of people, it took around 20 minutes for us to reach the entrance. Because Ashton didn’t have a nap before coming out so he was tired and grouchy. Like I said before, he would scream and cry. So that spoiled the experience a little at first but as soon as we entered the ‘whale’ hall, they both came alive! I thought the sheer size of these creatures simply amazed them.

Big giant whale model really amazed Ashton and Annabelle

Big giant whale model really amazed Ashton and Annabelle

But it didn’t take long before Ashton got frustrated again and eventually we took a lunch break and fed him and got him to sleep. So it was just Annabelle. She loved all the ‘strange stuff’ she saw and got very excited with other people. When Ashton woken up, Annabelle started to feel tired and wanted to be held. Since the museum was a little too packed for our young twins, we decided to go home. Annabelle just fell as sleep as soon as we got on to the taxi.

Annabelle loves little baby

Annabelle loves little baby

I couldn’t believe that it’s February already. Now that Ashton and Annabelle are both toddlers. Seeing them grow healthily is our biggest enjoyment of all. There are of course high and low times as a family but whenever they smile and laugh, you will just forget about every negatives that happened before. Next month, more growing up, more cries from Ashton and more singing from Annabelle!

They love going out!

They love going out!

More snaps here for your pleasure 🙂

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If you wonder what ‘tools’ I used to captures all my photos, here’s a list of them.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Camera Body – Silver

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus M Zuiko 12mm f/2


Panasonic H-X025E LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25mm Digital Interchangeable Lens

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5


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