Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 025

2015, a new year, a new start.

Then I took this, just like an advertisement.

Then I took this, just like an advertisement.

Here’s the first 2015 twins blog! Now that Annabelle and Ashton are two-year old, it suddenly makes me feel much older. Couple the fact that I lost almost all my fitness since I stopped gymming and playing basketball two years ago and put on almost 13 kg of fat, I just don’t feel ‘me’ anymore. Even getting up from the floor sometimes feels like a chore to me. Then both of them are growing quick, taller and heavier. Don’t get me wrong and I am not complaining at all and I am over joy for their development but just that I feel a little sympathetic of my own body.

Ikea visit!

Ikea visit!

After the super busy December, it’s all gone quiet in January. But the quiet moment also slow us down and have a proper look at our children. Oh boy, did I say children?? Yes, Annabelle and Ashton are not babies anymore. They are toddlers. Now that we have time to reflect what’d changed over the past few months, we just realised just how much they’d grown. Annabelle would have a proper conversation with me, tell me to do things for her while her brother would do the same, even though his speech isn’t as developed as his sister.


Then Annabelle joined in the fun!

Then Annabelle joined in the fun!

Both of them will now play with each other, still more fighting than playing, yet their bond is very strong. The carers at the nursery told us that Annabelle always looks after her brother by sharing food and toy with him. While Ashton will follow his sister everywhere. Strange that neither of them played with other kids, yet. Perhaps they have each other and it’s only natural to see that one will always follow another that he/she knows. So unlike other kids who have no twin sisters or brothers at home, they will be forced to play with other classmates.

It's so good to see my kids grow up!

It’s so good to see my kids grow up!

Speaking of playing, we were invited to our friend’s son’s 3rd birthday. Both Ashton and Annabelle were crawling at the same party last year and they just couldn’t enjoy as much as other older kids. So this time was quite different. Both were running and climbing. Still a little shy, both were able to wonder around the hall without any problem. Yet, they were still very attached to us so they wouldn’t go very far before they stopped and looked back to check if we were still on sight.


But it also makes us think that time does fly so quickly. Now that my twins are two and not long before they are three! I am already seeing a lot of their changes or growing up. In many ways, I love to see them grow but at the same time, I miss those baby moments! I love my family!!!

GAP kids!

GAP kids!

As a tradition, here’re more snaps for the month! Next month, more outing and Chinese New Year!



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