Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 024

December. This is the month when everyone gets excited. It’s the month when we all have been waiting for all year, time to reunited with family and friends, spend some quality and quiet time with your loved ones and some well deserved rest after a year-long hard work.

My cute daughter just loves looking at the camera :)

My cute daughter just loves looking at the camera πŸ™‚

Last December it was my twins’ first birthday. It was a special celebration because it was a ‘First’. Yet when we celebrated Ashton and Annabelle’s birthday this year, it was somewhat different. Why? Well, when they turned one last Β year, they were still a baby. They were crawling, made noises and slept. The entire celebration was more of a show and a gathering opportunity for the family, at least to me it was how I felt. Don’t take it the wrong way, I appreciated and loved every moment of it. Just it didn’t feel like it was my twin’s birthday.

Drawing time! Scribbles!

Drawing time! Scribbles!

This year was definitely very different. Both Ashton and Annabelle were not only walking but running. Both spoke a few words and started to interact and communicate with people. They were happy to see presents and ripped open the wrapping papers. They blew the candles on the cake. It finally looked like a birthday party for them! It was great and now I can see that next year may even be better still but I will have to wait another year πŸ™‚

Happy birthday!!! I am two years old already!!

Happy birthday!!! I am two years old already!!

Yes, we had a terrible, absolutely heart-freezing couple of months but things were about to get better this month. And yes, I didn’t really care about birthday or Christmas for that matter, I just wanted to see our family healthy and happy. For the first time in nearly two months, Ashton and Annabelle finally felt better, not 100% but much much better. They finally slept a little better, ate better and played better. That was a big relief for us as parents after exhausting ourselves in the previous two months. Also, my car insurance was finally paid out and I got myself a new car. Then better still, the house insurance was finally going through so we should expect compensation very soon. So things were getting back to normal indeed.

Time to see some fishes!

Time to see some fishes!

While things were moving to the right direction, we finally sensed the arriving Christmas. It was a good feeling. Even though we toned it right down this year and only wanted to reserve this time strictly to close family members, we felt happiness. Perhaps I am getting old. I just don’t want all the buzz and fuzz like when I was in my 20’s.

Unwrapping presents... lots of them!

Unwrapping presents… lots of them!

Having said that, as Ashton and Annabelle became healthier, we took the opportunity to get some fresh air. We went out a few time, including watching the Peppa Pig Live show in West End, visiting the London Aquarium and Winter Wonderland in Hyde ParkΒ . Ashton always loved going out, he’d smile and smile until he tired himself out and fell asleep. Annabelle, on the other hand, didn’t like to reveal her emotions but we knew as much as anyone who knew her, she loved being out too. As now they love walking and exploring, watching them together could be quite challenging. Since they loved looking at different things, Sue and I needed to follow them individually. It meant that we didn’t get much time walking together as family. Haha, perhaps this would change in time.


A cold but beautiful day

A cold but beautiful day

It’s funny that we now celebrate everything twice, one at home and one at the in-law’s. So the twins would have a mini party at home then another with the in-law’s family. Ditto to Christmas too. They would get presents from us, my parents and then Sue’s brother and sisters. So it seems that every Christmas, they were getting tons of little pressies! Happy days but I didn’t think that neither actually understood presents or birthday or Christmas just yet. All they knew were lots of boxes with wrapping papers that they could tear Β hahaha.

A lovely head shot of Ashton!

A lovely head shot of Ashton!

So while we had some unfortunate time in 2014, when we saw that our twins were healthy once again and with the arrival of Christmas, all bad things seemed like history. I now look forward to 2015, a fresh start.

Christmas family photo!

Christmas family photo!

As a tradition, here’re more snaps for the month and I hope to spoil you with more pictures in the new year so stay tuned!


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