Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 023

Happy New Year!!!

Twin Blog, Leica Photographer, Jimmy Cheng, London

This is my first baby blog of the year and I am still catching up. I’m one month out so I am going to release two baby blogs this month to make up with my delay after that saga we had in October. Well, in fact, it’s pretty much the same in November and early part of December too. We were all ill!!!!

Twin Blog, Leica Photographer, Jimmy Cheng, London


Yes, November was a really bad ill month. I couldn’t believe how bad it was and our whole family was sick. After the house burgle in October, I stopped work altogether and spent almost three whole weeks dealing with various insurance related matters. I felt bad, especially so when I really wanted to concentrate on my 2015 work plans. Then Ashton and Annabelle both got really ill, it’s like the world turned up side down, literally.

Twin Blog, Leica Photographer, Jimmy Cheng, London

My wife was probably the only person who wasn’t ill for the first couple of weeks but then she fell into the same bug too. Young kids getting ill was probably the worst for any parents. They couldn’t quite explain themselves and all they did was cry. It was hard for the parents too since we couldn’t figure what to do or what we could do to help. There wasn’t any point visiting doctors in UK since all they would say is “Just wait it out, it’s nothing serious. If they have temperature, take Calpol or Nurofen. If it gets any worse, just come back to see me.” Oh well, you get the picture. Doctors are helpless here in UK.

Twin Blog, Leica Photographer, Jimmy Cheng, London

Ashton and Annabelle was so ill that neither slept well and that affected us also. Ashton was never a good sleeper anyway but with both together, both Sue and I were exhausted by looking after them through the night, every night for a whole month! We didn’t know what bug it was but they got very high temperature, blocked and stuffy noses, then translated into mucus. All these equal NO SLEEP! We literally exhausted a few bottles of medicines. Then their bugs passed onto me, then the in-laws, then friends then Susan. Man… it just spread and spread. The hard thing was that Ashton and Annabelle both got better after a couple of weeks but then days later, the bug came back and so on. The whole cycle lasted about 6-7 weeks. It was the hardest time, physically for us.

But even that, we tried to enjoy our parenthood even though we didn’t really go anywhere. Both Ashton and Annabelle, when they didn’t have temperature, would play as normal during the day.

On a lighter note, we did go out to a shopping centre for a few hours just so that they didn’t get too bored at home. Annabelle even wrote a letter to Santa too!

Twin Blog, Leica Photographer, Jimmy Cheng, London

I wasn’t able (or I was too tired) to take many photos other than just a few snaps from my iPhone so here you go. Next month, their birthday and Christmas. Things were finally getting a little better!





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