Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 018

It doesn’t matter how many times I said these words before, time does fly!


This is blog 18 and it means that it’s been eighteen months already since my beautiful wife gave birth to my two gorgeous twins. After a couple of ‘stressful’ months, everything seem to have calmed down a bit. As a family, we definitely had more time to enjoy each other. We also traveled to a few different places too! Oh I didn’t forget that my wife and I also celebrated our 6th anniversary this month!


Last month both Annabelle and Ashton were started to stand and made a few steps. This month, they are walking everywhere! Ashton never liked the restraint of being held or sat in the buggy so he’s very happy to have that ‘freedom’ to go anywhere he wanted. He even wanted to run so he just kept falling over (yes he’d had little patience… perhaps it’s a boy thing too right???). Annabelle, on the other hand, was quite reserved. She walked quite a bit but she never walked as far as Ashton and kept looking back to check if we were still in sight. Ashton just zoomed off!


I also noticed that both of them had matured a lot. For instance, now I could have a conversation with Annabelle, not that she could talk back but she seemed to understand almost everything I said! Ashton, was rather different though. I knew that he could understand me but he would never show it or rather to respond to anyone. He’s a freedom fighter and only did whatever he felt like doing at the time. If he chose to acknowledge you, he would have the sweetest face and showed the sweetest smile to you, talked back to you and came and gave you a very passionate hug!


Not until this month I started to noticed that they were now toddlers. Not only their strength grew, so did their curiosity. Both would just wondered every corner of the house and looked for any gaps and holes. Annabelle would try to grab anything insight and ran over to give them mommy or daddy. I also installed a few child locks in some cabinets to prevent them taking anything dangerous.



Then they’d also become more adventurous as a result. They now wanted to climb everything they could. Stairs are the obvious place to practice so we let them climb a few times a day! It’s a good exercise for them too, something different to just walking.

My Son (© Jimmy Cheng)

Feeding wise, they are both less dependent now. We still have to spoon to them during solid feeds but they can hold their milk bottles now. So we can just let them sit in a corner or on the floor! There were times we just put them on a sofa and let them had their milk.


Touch wood, Ashton is sleeping much much better than before though he still wakes up every now and then but it’s definitely an improvement over the past year or so. But now both of them will wake up around 5am so it’s an early start to the both of us.

IMG_7032 IMG_5356

Though we need to teach them how to share. As of now, each will hold on to things that they like and never lets go. But the problem is that they will and always fight for the same thing. That means one will always cry while the other gets the wanted item.


With both Ashton and Annabelle being more expressive, my wife and I have less guessing when it comes to dealing with their demands. Ashton has been very talkative too and really trying hard to mimic words we say. Annabelle is quite the opposite however, even though she loves to talk, she only uses her own language.


All in all, it’s a wonderful (yet stressful) journey for the both Sue and I. It’s been a very rewarding 18 months so far. Watching Annabelle and Ashton grow is perhaps the biggest achievement. There are times that I think I was gong to crack especially I work a lot from home and having the babies around means that I am often disrupted. Twins are way more demanding to look after than single child because it often require more than one’s effort. It’s no easy task at all.

Family Time

But we are here, eighteen months on we are standing proud and our twins are now happy and healthy. I just couldn’t help and recall just how tiny when they were first born! I love you all!!!


More snaps here for your pleasure 🙂

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Maxi Cosi Pearl Car Seat and Family ISO Fix

If you wonder what ‘tools’ I used to captures all my photos, here’s a list of them.

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus M Zuiko 12mm f/2


Leica M Type 240

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1:1.2 ASPH II

Leica Summilux 50mm 1:1.4 ASPH FLE

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5


2 responses to “Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 018

  1. Lovely reading and wonderful photos Jimmy! Beautiful milestones to look back on. And yes, as they become bigger you always marvel at how small they were when born. I especially love the B&W of your wife and Ashton where he is leaning on her leg and looking up. 🙂

    • Thanks Kerry. Indeed, that black and white photo was my favourite of the month! I also printed it out too! But looking after twins is just very hard work! haha..

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