Blog – 30 minutes night walk in Boot Lan Street (砵蘭街)

Since I came back from Asia, I’ve been tied up with wedding jobs and other father duties. On top of that, my twins had been ill for almost seven weeks so I simply didn’t have time nor energy to write anything other than my baby blogs and a review.

Leica M 240, Leica Summilux 50mm 1:1.4 ASPH, Street, Mong kok, Night.

On the phone.

Now, with my twins happy and bouncing and my wedding jobs have completed, I am able to go back to my photo library and finally have a quick look at the photos that I took when I was in Hong Kong and Malaysia. This is a rather short blog with some photos that I took during my ONLY night off for some street photography with a couple of my photographer friends in HK.

As I grow older and my skills more matured, I rather ‘walk’ with my Leica and one lens only. I don’t want to carry too much and having just one set up means that I didn’t have to think too much about which focal length to use for a particular scene. I am ‘fixed’ so to speak. By doing so I could simply concentrate on what I SEE and what I WANT to capture while I was walking. I wanted to capture the ‘moment’ and not to think about set up.

Before I bought my Leica M, I was using my Canon EOS 5D Mark II exclusively for EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, quick and has superb image quality when coupled with some nice ‘L’ glass. But the problem was size and weight. I am not twenty something anymore and even though I train regularly for fitness, hauling a professional DSLR body and a couple of professional lenses all day could be a spine-breaking experience. I’d done it for two weeks when I was in China. But that was 2011, I was younger and fitter. Now, apart from my wedding jobs, I don’t really use my DSLR anymore. For more day-t0-day stuff, I use my equally nice Olympus M4/3 system and of course my Leica if I want to ‘create’ something special. So for my only night off for photography, I wanted to take my Leica out just to do the latter.

Leica M 240, Leica Summilux 50mm 1:1.4 ASPH, Street, Mong kok, Night.

Traditional Chinese dry cured meat stall.

Mind you these series of photos were only taken within a 30-mins window. I simply walked from one end of the street to the other. There was so much to see and photograph in Hong Kong, a city that never sleeps. Indeed there were plenty of activities and lots of people walking around even though it was late at night. I thought it would be a good idea to test out my low light night capability of the M and well, I wanted more practice using my M in this sort of situations too. It will only benefit my skill.

When I was walking around, I was able to capture lots of nice photos but there were a few missed moments, simply because of my speed of focusing. Nonetheless, this wasn’t because Leica was a manual focus camera. In fact, I had that problem with all my auto focus cameras before my M. In extreme low light, most cameras struggle to lock on in an instant. So I didn’t blame my skill or the camera. But a little motion blur and out of focus actually added a little bit of artistic feel to my shot. For most photographers out there who are after supreme sharpness from every pictures, I was doing the exact opposite. I wanted to capture moments and stories so sharpness wasn’t the priority. For static shots like a the meat stall above, it had to be sharp but it wasn’t moving.

Anyhow, 30 minutes was short enough to push my limit to see something. I was glad I did the walk and now I have discovered more about myself and my M at night.

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