Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy 1st birthday Annabelle and Ashton (The fact is that their birthday was last month as my blog is usually one month behind)! What a wonderful feeling having to write my 12th baby blog today.  It has been one year since I started this blog series and since then, my site has grown and gained many new fans and followers. I still remembered the days when my blog site barely had over 5 views a day and now, I have many many more! That itself is an achievement I guess. Not that I am overly chuffed about this as this won’t compare to any big sites out there but I am happy that there are people whom actually read my stuff!


This is a big month for my gorgeous little babies. December is now know as THE BIG month. The ‘Double A‘ birthday, Christmas and New Year celebrations. This is our first proper Christmas celebration as a family of four. Last year, we had to spend the festival at the hospital, sang Christmas songs to our twins through the incubators. It was an unforgettable, happy but punishing Christmas for Sue and I. We certainly feel very blessed this December indeed.IMG_4316

It seems like we are celebrating and receiving their presents everyday! I don’t believe that they know much about birthday or Christmas really but it seems like they are enjoying all the visitors and people around the house.

IMG_5879December also sees more development from both of them. Ashton now has four teeth and more are coming. Annabelle has two but only one is more visible. Many of experienced parents would know that teething can be very difficult and in our case, it’s 50/50. While Annabelle doesn’t seem to be bothered too much by the process, Ashton is suffering badly. Not only he has temperature, it looks very painful too. This affects his normal sleeping pattern (not that he’s a good sleeper and but now it has become worse and more about that later). As a result, he becomes more moody and unsettled.

If you do more reading and research, you will find that many parents suffer the same thing. Some get away with easier baby growth but some have tough ones until they are two or even three-year-old. Bless and I hope this isn’t the case for us. But every parent goes through some kind of difficulties at different stages of their children’s lives so it’s our responsibilities to make sure they are growing safely and peacefully, well at least we can try.


At present time, it does seem that our parental life is not getting any easier but on the flip side, it has becoming more rewarding. Every time we see them learning new things, our hearts just fill with warmth and happiness. As one-year-old babies (technically ten-month), they are full of characters now. Both can be cheeky at times but Ashton is definitely the explorer and curious type. He was truly a bouncer when he was only a few months old. Now he’s an active crawler and stander now! I am very certain that he will be walking very soon. Annabelle on the other hand, a little slow on the body but very active with her brain. She seems to like copying everything that we do: talking, making sounds, moving hands and fingers, just all the little details. Perhaps it is just be a boy and girl thing.IMG_4290

This month also sees the most outings we have to date. We’ve been out almost every weekend, which can be a little refreshing but also tiring.

While on the subject of being tired, Ashton has been ill for almost two weeks through Christmas and New Year. He hasn’t been a good sleeper anyway but his cold brought him blocked nose and mucus. This combination is certainly a disaster for night sleep. He would wake up every few hours, just like when he was first born but this time it’s not for a simple feed. Sometimes, he cries and wakes Annabelle in the middle of the night. I bet any parents would know what a tired baby is like! He moans tirelessly and no matter what you do he will cry and be grouchy. Couple with painful teething…  Awww.. poor Ashton.


Annabelle is slightly easier, for now, and all because she sleeps through during the night but she seems to not liking her day naps. Her rests have become shorter and shorter, sometimes as little as 15 mins. When she used to sleep for an 45 mins to an hour. So Annabelle usually very happy first thing in the morning but then she will gradually become more moany. Being parents can be difficult at times but December has been the most tiring yet.

All these hard works paid off somehow during the day when we see them smiling, laughing and learning new skills. Annabelle and Ashton are both in the transition from being babies to toddlers and we can definitely see the differences. They now understands some simple words and starting to communicate through gestures. Though very basic but at least we have a better idea on what they want (sometimes). Their speed of learning is simply shocking though. It only took them a few weeks to master crawling and standing! I can already foresee them walking very soon. They now also point at things that they want too.


I still remember the day of their arrival, the two months at the hospital intensive care unit, the day they came home, the night feeds, the poonami and milk-mess around the house. Our first year of being parents is surely memorable. It was tiring, sometimes frustrated, and frankly, that’s what every mom and dad will go through. Will things get easier? May be but I guess we will never stop worrying about them, just like our parents do, even today. Being parents is a full time job, with tireness, repetition, stress and worry all throw in as bonus. But there’s nothing in this world will give us more happiness, satisfaction and warmth than one smile or laughter from our twins. THAT’s the joy of parents.


It is the end of 2013 and what a year it has been. Time flies like a bullet and the days when they were wired up and sleeping on our chests are long gone. Annabelle and Ashton have grown to become pretty and clever babies. We feel so blessed.

Thank you all for reading my blogs for the past twelve months and I hope to continue this blog for as long as I can and you all will be the witness of my kids’ growing up and that makes you all my friends too!

Happy New Year again and may all of you have a wonderful year!


Some more snaps here!

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If you wonder what ‘tools’ I used to captures all my photos, here’s a list of them.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus M Zuiko 12mm f/2

Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5


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