Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 011

IMG_5193This is my 11th baby blog and it’s coming up to an anniversary soon! Time really does fly and this year has zoomed pass so quick that I barely know.

Annabelle and Ashton are both growing very quickly. As a dad, or mom, for that matter, we both will witness all the changes of our babies. What they learn everyday has becoming something that we look forward to see every day. There are lots of wonderful moments (as well as some stressful ones). I am definitely trying my best to adapt to my daddy life.

Being a daddy of twins can also be very stressful, likewise for mom. As we cannot swap or take turn to look after one baby, we both have to look after one and sometimes two when one of us has something to do. It’s never easy. It also put a lot of weight to our marriage as we simply don’t have much time to ourselves. As they are still very demanding and need constant attention and care, we mustn’t let go for the sake of selfishness.


Well, it did seem that we had survive our 11th month ok. Poonami, big-tear cry and no-sleep-through son could be difficult to care but we did it. But this month also marked the first big change, from both of them. Annabelle, who didn’t let me hold her for a good two months, finally let me hugged and kissed her. A very big relief as I really really missed her. It’s very hard to describe when your baby didn’t let you hold her. It’s like she was rejecting me. And finally, she came back to daddy.


Ashton, as a big social boy, always loved people. But his teething had been really disruptive. Perhaps of the pain he had to go through, he was always moaning and never napped for too long. At some points, he rejected feeding altogether. Poor Ashton. But all those ‘hard work’ finally paid off and he finally had his front bottom teeth! It was strange that as soon as the first tooth came out, the rest seemed to just keep popping out. There was sign that the top front teeth were also breaking through the gum. Wow.

Another big development was that both of them now recognised me as someone ‘important’ and they showed that they really showed that they missed me. Because I only see them during weekends, whenever I stepped through the door, they both would look up and jumped up and down (oh forgot the biggest grin, without teeth, that I’d ever seen!!). That was really the special moment that highlighted my week, every week!!!

While Annabelle would smiled and laughed whenever she saw me during FaceTime, Ashton never really enjoyed that previously. But this month, he began to do the same as Annabelle. He would communicate with me through making noises and smiles. Now I could watching them both and played at the same time!



Eleven months on, they were a little bigger and slightly (only slightly) less demanding when compared to previous months, we took them out a little more.  We went to see some friends. But the biggest event after my wife’s sister’s wedding last month was my brother’s graduation! They both came out to celebrate my brother’s special moment and they both really enjoyed the time out. Ashton even put the hat on!! We were all very proud of my brother!


However, the day after my brother’s graduation, Ashton fell ill and started a fever. It went up to 39 degree for two nights even after some medicines so we took him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with virus infection. Because the doctors wanted to make sure that there’s nothing serious we had to stay at the hospital for overnight. Poor Ashton. Whatever it was, it caused diarrhea. Annabelle, although didn’t seem to get any worse than just having a bad belly, was recovering at home. I hated this bug. Seriously, it made our babies suffered for whole three weeks before getting back to normal.


But fortunately, that only lasted for about a week. Ashton was back to himself again. No one really knew what virus caused it and the hospital only gave Ashton the strongest antibiotics they had. Sometimes this could be the most frustrating things when taking your little one to see a doctor or hospital. The diarrhea was gone and left with sore bums. Ashton was refusing to sit and I knew just how bad it was. We asked the doctors but all they advised was, “just make sure they are well hydrated”. Ok… This was a tough month! Because of their diarrhea, we went through nappies like burning autumn leaves. We literally went through a bag every day! I am tell you, baby diarrhea is BAD, especially when it lasts a few weeks!


Anyway, we, parents, all go through it soon or later. We had learnt more about our babies’ health and looked for signs that were bad. I recalled their first temperature, even though we seemed to know everything about temperature, but we were oh so worried about them. We took them to see our doctors but all they advised was Calpol. Yes, you soon will know that Calpol is the “MAGIC” for literally everything and doctors advice are nothing but reassuring words.

Before I finish this month’s blog, Ashton and Annabelle both became a model for Cudaboo! If you haven’t read my Cudaboo blog, it’s HERE!

Next month, Ashton’s teeth, first crawl (and stand) and frustrated Annabelle. Oh yes, their FIRST birthday!!!!

Some more snaps here!

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