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CudabooGuess what? When you become a parent, you will find yourself changing to adapt to your new role. Everything is ‘Baby First’. I find myself checking baby stuff whenever and wherever I come across them. Just like when I am strolling around a shopping centre the other day, I couldn’t help myself but to check out other parents’ buggies or any accessories they have (let alone the baby talk with other fathers in the shop while waiting for wives to shop).

Cudaboo Gift Box

Strange but true, I have become a baby fanatic. Ensuring that I wouldn’t miss anything new products or discounts, I subscribed to many parents clubs and baby newsletters from various online companies. My wife and I also spent lots of time Googling around the internet to find interesting and inspiring companies and products. Last month, I came across this very interesting startup company.

Cudaboo is one of those rare companies who is considerate and ethical. The fact is that it is financially very difficult for startups or small companies to be truly ethical. Big giants like Apple or Google is easy to claim the crowns on ethical ground because they have the scale and resources. So I have to give Cudaboo some extra brownie points. After learning a little about their company, I decided to dig in a little bit more about it.


I met up with Sobia Shah, the co-founder of Cudaboo, for a chat about their company and products. While keeping our meeting informal, we sat down at Starbucks and she handed me some samples of their baby products in a very nice gift box.


As soon as I opened the box, my first impression was “wow, they looked cute!”. There were three baby playsuits with unique designs: Tian the Panda, Max the Lion and Choco the Monkey. There was a bib and a blanket. They all come in three colours: pink, blue and grey. But cute looking products would not cut it for me, I wanted to see if they ‘feel’ good.


I may not be a clothing expert but these products ooze quality as soon as I touch them. Any baby will appreciate such soft and premium feel from the very thick and soft organic cotton.

In addition, the designs are clearly aiming for babies with different personalities and I am very certain that parents can relate their babies with any of these characters.

So I took them home so I could try them on my kids. Both Annabelle and Ashton loved wearing them. I know that both of them love any touch material (more reasons for daddy to spend more money!). In fact, I thought Cudaboo playsuits were thicker than some good baby brands out on the market now. Though I wasn’t sure if any of my kids knew anything about the characters: panda, lions or monkey but they surely loved having them on.


My wife also loved the bibs because it was made from the same material ( it’s soft and comfortable to wear) and practically designed. Unfortunately, Ashton didn’t wear the playsuit long enough before it needed a wash (I guessed boys are just messier than girls!), so I could only take a few photos of him wearing it. Annabelle continued to wear it, even through the night. She was very happy with her bib and I could even call her a Cudaboo baby!


Now back to the conversation about Cudaboo and the meeting I had with Sobia, I was very glad to learn about her company and products.


Cudaboo takes everything seriously, from sourcing cotton to packaging material. Parkotex, a company just like Cudaboo, is founded by two individuals who believe on providing and maintaining the highest quality products while protecting environment.

Parkotex’s main goal has been to protect the soil just as much as producing high quality ‘pure’ organic goods. Organic production helps the environment from the start. No hazardous pesticides are used during cotton planting and the growing stage . In order to protect the soil, crop rotation is applied. These are just a few of the things I was told about how careful and serious these people are when it comes to protecting the environment. More importantly, they don’t talk nor doing it for show, they have certificates for every thing so they can prove to people too!


Environment aside, social accountability is the key pillar for focus and strength of Parkotex. They ensure that there are no child workers and all employees do not exceed maximum working hours whilst also providing a number of benefits to their employees. There are few companies out there which can be transparent with workers working conditions and treatment of employees. Even their labels are also produced by Parkotex and are made from recycled paper.

Then there’s Cudaboo themselves. Sobia told me that they also work with a number of wildlife charities to raise awareness for conservation and donates a percentage of the profits to support the cause.

After our brief meeting, I learnt a lot about Cudaboo as a company, Sobia as a person. She is a very passionate and kind individual with the drive to succeed. I admire that and I could see the efforts she has put into this company and the products. Everything is very well thought out and executed. The products are of very high quality 100% organic cotton that, if I may say, rival some of the most prestige and recognised brands out there. More importantly, it’s the ethical side that really impressed me._MG_0597

So I would truly recommend Cudaboo as your next purchase, a very cuddly gift to your kids and others you wish to treat. I know that everything Cudaboo offers is made with care and responsibility for the world around us. I can’t say anything more positive than that.  Well done Cudaboo and I hope to see more nice products from you in the future!

Check out Cudaboo by clicking the logo below!



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