Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 010

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  059Can you believe it? Our twins are 10-month old already? It does seem that they grow just a tad too quickly. As a dad, I am happy and eager to see them grow and learn new things everyday. But I also miss those moments when they were tiny. These are moments that will remain as memories. I try very hard to capture all these memories in either photos or video and now, ten months in, I already have thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of them.

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  060When you have twins or more, it’s easy to spot the differences such as their characters, growth rate and learning abilities. Ashton is now a whole inch taller than Annabelle, partly due to the fact that he loves jumping. He can jump all day even when he’s completely exhausted. It’s fun to watch but very tiring just to hold him. We have a bouncer for them but neither would stay there for long. I am not sure if this is just our babies but I do find them getting bored too easily. Annabelle is a little better and can play by herself for a little longer while Ashton just wouldn’t stay in any position, place, even your arm for long. Umm…2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  064

Anyway, this month is a big month because we are taking them out to a wedding! Since the arrival of our twins, we haven’t managed to take them out too often. Because it is just way too much work and time consuming just for preparation. But ten months in, they are a little easier now, so to speak, and we are willing to try.

So who’s wedding? It’s my sister-in-law’s big day. Obviously we couldn’t go without our kids so here we were. It was also a rare occasion that I didn’t have to be in a wedding without my professional duty. So I could finally enjoy chatting to people and enjoyed the speeches and witnessed the vows. What a pleasure just to step back a little.

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  068

Surprisingly, both Annabelle and Ashton behaved very well. Neither moaned or cried, unless we were changing their nappies. They even sat through the entire ceremony without making too much noise! “Well done!!” I thought. I was so worried that they would cry or scream during the magic moment. A relief of course.

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  074

We also took our time to select the appropriate clothes for them too! Ashton was very smart in his shirt, tie and trousers, oh.. and  a hat just like daddy’s!! Then Annabelle was in that beautiful purple and white dress with matching flower headband. They both just looked so cute! Annabelle still wouldn’t let me hold her so my wife and her parents were the only people who could look after her that day.

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  134

So any memorable baby moment? Yes!! I didn’t think I could not have a special dirty moment (literally) in my blog every month. And yes, this time, Ashton did another gigantic poo that spreader everywhere so we had to change him. So that smart look didn’t last too long but luckily, that happened after the ceremony.

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  140

Neither Annabelle nor Ashton like nappy changing in public area or changing room. They hated it and would cry their hearts out! I wasn’t joking. When we changed Ashton, nearly the entire venue could hear his cry!

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  173

By the evening, they started to get tired. After their ‘supposedly last feed’, Ashton went to sleep in the buggy but Annabelle remained very playful. She wouldn’t stop playing with other people. I took some cute photos of her playing though!

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  176

It was still hard work but when I compared to only a month ago, this day was pretty easy. We can finally go out now!

After the wedding, we found ourselves feeling good about going out and met up with some friends that we hadn’t seen for ages. Most of them have kids now and we just seemed like the newbies. It was always fun to see friends but at the same time we all felt the difference. We used to joke a lot and talked rubbish but these days, we talked about our kids and their poos. Umm…  Are we getting old or what?


Lastly, while my kids are still at my in-laws until my house is finished, the only way to see my family is through FaceTime during the week. Annabelle was really happy to see my face on the tiny screen and she just smiled every time! Aww, I just love seeing her smile to me. Ashton wasn’t as interactive with video call yet. He looked but never had much reaction to whatever I did 🙂


Again, I will congratulate my sister-in-law Emma and her husband Chi and wish them all the best!

2013_BP_Emma_Chi_Wed  109

Next month, Annabelle let me hold her and Ashton’s teeth!

Some more snaps here!

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