PIXMA MG7150_AS_BLK_FRA_SAMPLE_PRINT_tcm14-1070339I’ve written a few cameras and lenses review over the past few months and I am going to write something different this time.

I haven’t used a lot of printers in my life and those that I bought in the past are both for document printing. Though many has been labeled as photo printer so I can print one or two photos whenever I want. Since the began using digital cameras for my customers, I had printed less and less. Clients preferred digital images and files rather than prints. Yes they still want albums but that’s something I don’t make myself. So printing photos has becoming of a rare exercise. So far I have tried a few brands, Lexmark, Canon and HP. I haven’t tried any Epson and I knew it’s quite a performer but I have been using HP photo printers for a number of years. I did buy a rather cheap Canon Pixma IP4000 a few years back but it was a disappointment so I let it to rust, literally.

All the printers I’ve owned over the years are all A4 printers. I don’t need anything bigger to print at home and if I need something big, I send it out to a pro lab. I’ve had some success in colour printing with HP printers over the years and the prints they produce are very vibrant and sharp, providing you use their inks and papers. So far, I haven’t mentioned Lexmark printer, yes, it was rubbish and not worth mentioning so might as well forget it.

So I love HP printers. I do think they produce some stunning little A4 photo printers for home and amateur use. I have used four HP photo printers since 2003. My latest HP Photosmart Premium is quite a machine. I put it in my office so it does everything, faxing, scanning and printing. It prints very nice colour photos and duplexing means I can print double-sided prints and scans in all automation through the paper feed. I love it to bits. Separate colour inks also means that wastage is kept to minimum.PIXMA MG7150 Feature Image _tcm14-1069069

However, there’s one flaw. You cannot print monochrome. Since there’s only one black ink and three primary colours, there’s no gray. Any sort of gray is mixed colours from all four inks. The result is rather horrible. It’s heavily on the magenta side and the gray just doesn’t look gray at all. So big no no if you want to print black and white. My last Photosmart 2610 was brilliant. Even though it has one of those horrible tricolor ink cartridges but it did one thing that almost no other printers could do, monochrome. It had an option to use a photo-gray cartridge which result in some stunning black and white prints. Sadly, it died after three years of loyal service.

Since then, I tried to look for another A4 printer that could do monochrome. As I don’t and won’t need the A3 size prints, so my option is very much restricted. All is changed when I saw Canon’s latest printer Pixma MG7150. As mentioned before, I used a rather cheap Pixma IP4000 before and it was rubbish even with colour photos so I just stopped using it. It died from lack of use a few months back. So I was a little skeptical about my new acquisition at first but since I am a big Canon user so I should give it another try, plus now Canon is doing a rather tempting cash back deal so why not?

MG7150 is actually a replacement of MG6350. I never knew about MG6350 until I started looking at the latest replacement. They are virtually identical in every way, in terms of features and quality. I could have bought it last year! But never mind, I now have the latest model. MG7150 is a all-in-one printer that allows you to do virtually anything you need at home or office. Pretty much like my HP Photosmart Premium without the faxing function. Both can copy, scan, print, duplexing, direct to disc and Wi-Fi enabled. They both cost the similar too when new but HP adds the fax function which means it’s a better choice for office than Canon. But the extra cost of Canon reflected in printing quality which I am going to dig in a little more.

While HP already produces some very nice colour prints, it lacks the capability of monochrome support. Canon has a dedicated gray ink which means that in theory, it’s capable of doing ‘proper’ black and white photo printing. I’ve just got the printer today and tried a few prints, both colours and monochrome. Here’s my finding:

Colour Prints: Colours are very saturated and vibrant. I haven’t calibrated the profile to match my screen so this is default setting. Though I use the provided printer profile for Canon Gloss II paper. The prints are as good as HP if not better. So I am very satisfied with its colour prints.

Monochrome: Ok, this is why I am buying this printer. This is the sole reason. I had some left over Kodak premium paper (discontinued now sadly) and used the generic profile from my Mac. The result was rather disappointing. The printer used the gray ink momentarily but I can still see the traces of magenta in the tonal transition from black to white in most areas. I was a little shocked. But then I switched to Canon’s own Gloss II paper and use its provided profile. The result was absolutely stunning! Ok, perhaps everything was calibrated for the paper but still I was very surprise to see the result. There’s no trace of magenta, the gray transition was smooth and nice. Ok, it’s not top-notch professional lab quality but definitely suitable for day to day normal photo printing. It matches and better some normal mono prints from some consumer labs. Yes it’s that good! So for the price, I am getting what I want!

Other stuff: I don’t need to drill into the features of this printer. I haven’t tried its scanning capability nor its copying function. I think they should be fine.  As it supports Air Print for Mac, it’s very handy for me. I am printing everything wirelessly since I set the printer up so it’s very good that I can print from another room. Printing speed is also quick, probably the quickest printer I’ve had so far. Oh touchscreen, it has a rather big one. There’s no button on the printer, everything is ‘touchy touchy’ from the screen. Cool but I am not sure how reliable and durable they are though. It’s shiny too and it comes with Black, White or Brown. I have a black one which looks rather sleek. White and Brown look cool but more expensive. Because it’s wireless, it can function by itself. You can use Canon’s Cloud ink to print from anywhere in the world. I haven’t tried it so not sure if it works ok. Oh, yes you can update firmware directly from the printer rather than from your computer which is cool and time saving. Inks are individual, six of them. Cost is usually high with manufacturer’s own inks but compatibles are around at much much lower costs. I will also report here when I try both original and compatible inks.

Test Prints

Test Prints

Final words: I don’t know the ink economy yet so I have no idea how long the inks will last but I will report it later here. This is my first go at it so please bear with me. I just want to share my view on this latest gem from Canon. As I am increasing falling in love with monochrome photography, I am hoping to find a printer that will allow me to do some nice black and white prints. I’ve found it! Here it is, Canon Pixma MG7150.

*UPDATE* Amazon seems to have some great prices on the generic black model at the moment.

*UPDATE* I’ve just depleted my first set of 3rd party inks and that’s after quite a bit of normal printing. 10% Photos and 90% mix colour and black document printing for my business. My next set of inks will be on Canon’s own ink and I will be comparing the results from both using the same paper.

Thank you for reading my blog and please support my work and this site by buying stuff from Amazon via the link at the bottom (only if you need to buy stuff of course). 


Canon PIXMA MG7150 All in one printer – Black (Print, Scan, Copy, Wifi, Air Print and Pixma Cloud Link)

Canon PIXMA MG 7150 white

Canon PIXMA MG7150 All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer – Brown

HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One with Fax (Printer, Copier, Scanner and Fax with Bluetooth and CD/DVD Printing)

6x Canon PGI-550 XL / CLI-551 XL FCI Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges to replace (Contains: 1x 550BK Large Black, 1x 551C Cyan, 1x 551M Magenta, 1x 551Y Yellow, 1x 551BK Small Black, 1x 551 Grey) for Canon Pixma MG6350, MG7150 Printers Double Capacity Inks Cartridge


31 responses to “PRINTER REVIEW – CANON PIXMA MG7150

  1. If I only print photos in color, do I need the gray cartridge? Will it be better for color photos?

    • Yes you do. It will be used whenever the printer thinks it needs it, like shadow areas. You will get better tonal transition. This is quite a nice printer once calibrated.

  2. Thanks for the review – did you ever get around to try some of the cheaper compatible inks?

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes indeed, I have tried the compatible inks from Amazon, I just added the link at the bottom of my blog so you know which one I ordered and tried. They work perfectly, though the black for normal printing (there are two black, one for normal and one for photo) isn’t ‘black’ enough but this is the first one I’ve tried. However, considering the cost is so little and I will not hesitate to use again and after a few more times then I can compare with the original Canon and know which one I will get the cheaper alternative and which one to use Canon (may be the normal black?) Thanks for reading my post!


      • Jimmy – thanks for the reply. Will definitely check out those inks when I run out – the price of originals are just ridiculous. Please keep your post updated on your findings!

  3. Very useful review and tipped me to ordering the MG7150 as like you looking to do some B&W and do not need more than A4 at home.
    Could you clarify in a bit more detail
    (1) how you changed the colour profile (?? in printer driver) used to Canon one. I too use a Mac but will probably be printing from Lightroom.
    (2) was this the software e.g. Lightroom controlling the colours or letting printer control colour
    (3) any experience of non canon papers and if so how do you set your ICC profile for that paper


    • Dear Paul, I shall reply you properly upon my return to uk as I am in Malaysia at the moment. But in short everything is adjustable and yes you can change profile and there are a few canon presets already. Using other paper isn’t recommended because I’ve tried and the colours come out slightly off and mono is terrible. I will stick with canon paper, especially for mono prints. You can overwrite profile and set your own if you have the appropriate calibration tools. Highly recommended if you want accurate reproduction of colours.

  4. I have just bought this printer! I cannot get it to print photos on A4. I send the picture via my I phone, but the printer automatically prints on the small photo paper that came with the printer. How can i get it to print photos on A4.

    • Hi Paul, if you AirPrint from iOS devices, it depends on the app itself. The Photo app in iOS is automatically selecting 6×4 paper size and can’t be changed. More details on Canon’s website ( If you print from a desktop computer (e.g. iMac) from a browser or any other desktop apps, then you have a choice of size and paper quality and printer profiles… etc. Features in AirPrint from iOS devices are currently limited unfortunately. Hope this answer your question. I’ve tried different photo apps on my iPhone and iPad and they all yield the same result.

    • Tom. I have tried some B&W prints. Printing quality is good. I am new to printing B&W from Lightroom and the issue I have is that the screen does not match exactly in terms of contrast and tone that of the print. I am sure this is related to my lack of expertise but have tried with both the printer controlling the colour and Lightroom controlling colour and there is slight difference but the main issue is that in iMac screen (only have SuperCal software calibrator) looks much more intense B&W while the print overall looks slightly more “brown” and not yet worked out if this is the paper (canon) or settings.

      • Hi Tom, Paul, just a note to Paul’s comment about printer control and software control profile. Two important things to remember. 1) neither colour controlling methods is as good nor accurate as proper colour profiling though colour and printer calibration (using color monki tool etc,) 2) iMac or newer laptops all have glossy screen which has much higher contrast so if the picture looks good on screen, it may be different on prints. That’s why pros use matt screen for more accurate contrast control. So you may have to adjust accordingly but it comes with experience.

        Hope it helps 🙂

      • Hi Paul. I red your comment about the “brown” ib B&W. I bought now the mg7150, and I have the same problem. I’m on mac too ( iphone, macbook pro). But I have the brown ( maybe more in red ) through wifi with android tablet too. Did you finde a solution? Thanks for your answer!

      • Miki

        In response to your query I did not find any specific answer to the brown B&W. the 7150 is connected via WiFi to home network and usually print from the Mac so no experience of tablet directly. The colour print on good quality paper is beat and as I don’t do much B&W have not pursued this. If I did I would want to experiment with different papers as that may make a significant difference


  5. Hi,

    I am very pleased to find your write up of the Canon MG7150. I have to replace my Canon MP560 – a simpler wifi machine – which has been the shortest lived Canon printer, (well, any printer) I have had. It always printed quite good colour photos and text. I have been considering the MG7150 machine.

    I don’t think I require all the facilities on offer with the 7150 machine, but, I do want CD/DVD disk printing and decent photo printing which doesn’t over-colour photo prints. I tend use good generic photo papers. You seem to have had to use dedicated paper.

    Some technical reviews I read gave the machine a high mark. I am always a bit wary of the technical reviews because they often do not balance with user experience.

    One technical review I read stated that it would not be possible to use generic ink cartridges, nor anything other than original Canon inks with the MG7150, yet I see you appear to have been testing out alternative ink products. I look forward to hearing more about that and some detail of the inks you used.

    What about the instructions, especially for CD/DVD disk labeling? There were a number of complaints about how poorly written and confusing the instructions with the ‘garden software’ were, with the MG6350, the previous (recent) model.

    I have been cautious about placing an order for the printer. Your review and the discussion has been enormously useful.

    • Hi there, thanks for reading my review! I’ve been using the printer for a while now and it’s nothing but praises I can say. 3rd party inks work fine and cost a lot less than Canon’s offering. I’ve printed documents and photos with both inks. 3rd is fine if you are not fuzz about too quality photos, though colour doc is ok apart from. Black which quite black enough. Canon is definitely looks more vibrant on photos but less obvious apart from black which I mentioned before. Yes I only use canon photo papers because I don’t need to change profile. If you other brands, you may need to crest a new profile for optimal prints. Disc printing is very impressive too. I’ve done many for my clients and there are no complaints. Though it does use some inks:) canon’s printing software for printing discs is quite ok and pretty easy to use too (well that’s my opinion) I hope I’ve answered your questions. Please feel free to ask if you want to know more! Thanks. Jimmy

  6. Thank you so much for your full reply. I now have the printer, though it is still securely in its box. There may be more queries once It sees the light of day! Again thanks.


  7. I am using the printer with USB. Have you any tips or tricks for the stable installation of the duplex printing facility? The option is not offered in my printer options. I have tried all sorts of things to resolve this, re-installing the printer, the drivers etc. with and without Canon Help Desk.


    • I am unsure about the problem, but do you use a Mac or PC? In Mac, the duplex option is always on the print panel next the “No. of copies” saying “Two sided”. Just tick the box. But there are times, that I noticed, that in Microsoft Word (or Office for that matter), the dialogue box is slightly different and you will have to dig deeper to get that duplex option up, via the drop down menu and use the ‘Layout’ pane to select “Two-sided – Long Edge Binding” option which is the duplex setting. I hope it helps but I am only a Mac user. J

  8. …sorry about that, the iPad bounced around. I prefer typing on my iMac keyboard. I have MS Office for Mac.( I do not have a Microsoft partition). For Word processing tasks I use MS Word for Mac. I appear to be printing through the Mac print preferences. The duplex option showed for half a day, when I looked for it two days later the option had disappeared. The half day it showed up, I tested it.

    The printer would not print two-sided when manually instructed to from the touch screen.

    I’ll check out your suggestions. Canon don’t seem to be able to offer any expertise on this, their operatives can only work from their VDU’s telling me to delete, download and re-download drivers, delete printers and re-install, and so on. I’ve even followed Canon’s awful instructions on deleting their folders and files in the Library, not a place I usually go to.


  9. Hi,
    Thanks for the heads up. I found the long edge binding which allows 2-sided printing. Your advice has been invaluable.
    You might be interested in the following:
    A different print command box shows up if I work outside of Office, i.e. commanding a print from a browser web page (I tried Safari and Firefox). That print box offers a 2-sided option next to ‘copies’ which is below the default settings drop down menu, it’s a one-click option. I am assuming that this is an O.S. print box. I don’t understand why, if it is part of the O.S. I don’t get an up-to-date option when using MS Office For Mac. Collated, which is always available and important, is in the exact position where the 2-sided option exists on the other print command box.
    Owners of the 600 series of Canon Printers have a duplex option in the copies&pages drop down box,
    It is curious!
    I have created a new printing default called ‘Duplex’. This work around should operate with Word in MS Office for Mac, though, I don’t think I can rely upon this two-click ‘fix’ across all the ranges of work flow.
    Apparently, there’s a similar duplex print problem when using Adobe Reader!
    Canon say that they have removed ‘duplex’ from the MG7150 printer drivers and it is now called 2-sided. (Great if you can get it!).

    Again, Very many thanks.

  10. Hi!
    I just bought the mg 7150. It works, but i’m not sure about the color match. I’m on mac ( snow leopard, mavericks, iphone ). If i print a photo by airprint, it is much more in red as through My Image Garden with usb ( or direct from a sd card ).
    It is the same with my android tablet – the colors printed through wifi are pushed in red.
    Scanner works fine.
    Windows + card or usb = no problem.

    Do you know something about this problem?
    Thanks for the answer…

    • Hi Miki,

      Sorry for the late reply, I was away in Italy! Now I am back so I can check messages.

      To be frank, I don’t think the colour cast has anything to do with AirPrint because it’s just a matter of transferring data to the printer. The printer only interpret what’s sources tell it to do. However, please be mindful about printer and colour profiles. Anything other than a computer will not produce very accurate colour simply because these devices only use generic profiles and who knows what the designers put in them to look good on ‘screen’ instead on paper.

      Computer, however, you can calibrate the screen and printer at the same time to produce perfect result. I have mind done but I’d tried using the Canon paper profile (if you use Canon inks and paper), they are very accurate, providing you have calibrated your screen for temperature.

      iPhone, Androids devices will not have that option so it will just print straight out.

      I hear you about windows no problem, but also due to the profile. Printer is fine but it seems your problem is getting the accurate representation from your screen to print outs. I can’t comment on printing via tablets or smartphones. I also use AirPrint without any problem, and I print professional A4 photos for my clients (also directly on DVD/CD too and they look fine though on disc, the contrast is much higher so it’s needs to turn down a little).

      I hope it help answering your questions. But I have not experienced such colour cast problem other than when I use other branded paper or third party inks. The third party inks I tried and posted here are fine other than it’s not as vibrant as Canon and the black isn’t quite black enough for text or document.


      • Thanks Jimmy….
        It means for me, that there is a problem with my printer, because nobody knows this effect with the red B&W photos.
        I’ll try two other Canon printers, than I can make a solution.
        Anyways thank you for your answer!
        Best wishes

      • Hi Miki,

        red black and white means that the colour isn’t printing in black and white mode. The printer also isn’t using the ‘gray’ ink as intended and tried to use other three colours to mix into grays and hence a reddish/magenta colour cast. I had this problem before when there wasn’t a gray ink option. It was a HP printer which printed colours fine but very poor black and white. Hence I bought M7150 specifically for the gray option. First try printing in your Mac using ‘gray scale only’ option under the print dialogue to see if thinks improves


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