Blog – Super fun wedding!

Photographing weddings has become second nature to me these days. But this year is my ‘off’ year because of my new-born twins.

But there are some exceptions of course, either at family requests or one of your mates. I photographed my sister-in-law’s big day last month and now one of my mate’s wedding.

I must say though, all those weddings that I photographed over the years have brought me nothing but smiles and happy memories. Yes, I enjoy photographing them as much as any other guests who attended their big days. This wedding is no exception and the bride is, I must admit, one of the most fun girl I’ve ever met!

Then their families, all are very kind and friendly people. I just LOVE them!

Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of your big day and allowing me to capture all those memorable moments! Enjoy a short highlight from the gallery below!



Twitter: @FotosByJ


2 responses to “Blog – Super fun wedding!

  1. Hey Jimmy. I just love looking at your wedding photography! It inspires me. I’m picking up a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens tomorrow and I can’t wait to start practicing. I have my first wedding in two weeks and will look to your photos for ideas. Luckily it’s only a very small affair at a registry office followed by a few photos in the botanical gardens. So this is the start of building a portfolio. Keep up with the posts and the photos. I always enjoy them immensely, and the narratives of course, I love! I’m changing my degree and next year will be doing a Bachelor of Digital Media, and can’t wait to be inspired even more and unleash my creativity in visual arts and develop in my photography skills. Thanks again for responding so genuinely to even the little things. They make a huge difference. . 🙂

    • Thanks Kerry for such kind words. I also enjoy your blogs and posts too! Yes, keep up with your work and your photography skill has improved a lot! The only way to get better is to shoot more!
      Wedding photography is probably one of the most challenging ones around. To capture THE moment is easier said and done but I have faith in you! Be patient and observe is my advice. Good luck with your wedding and yes, 50mm 1.4 is a good lens. I have a Sigma lens since my Canon gave up on me a couple of years ago.

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