Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 009

_MG_7892Time really flies this year. This is my 9th baby blog and my baby series has been quite a success and gaining over 800 views! Ok, it isn’t a big number by any means these days but I thank those who have read it and followed my series.

I have chosen Annabelle to feature my main cover photo this month because she rightly so deserve it. Poor girl who contracted terrible measles and was ill for about two weeks. Measles isn’t lethal but if not treated properly, it could be dangerous. She suffered from temperature, lost of appetite and itchy rash covering most of her body. It certainly looked frightening and both Sue and I felt helpless when we saw Annabelle’s tired eyes._MG_7947

Being new parents means that these sort of episodes are as scary as ever. It doesn’t matter now many times we got ill in the past, it’s a whole new level of worry when it comes to your own child. Some how, even though it’s only a small cold or temperature, it feels like a big deal. Worst in our case because we have twins, we know that if one gets ill, the other will follow in a matter of days. Everything is double!!!IMG_2999

For some strange reasons though, Ashton didn’t get whatever Annabelle had but he had always had eczema on his body anyway so he’s always itchy. But lucky his body did get rashes. Anyway, after about a week, they were both back to normal. Poor Annabelle lost a few pounds due to lost appetite but she recovered well and started playing straight away.IMG_4680

We also started to visit friends who lived near by too! One of our friends was hosting a barbecue and we just turned up with our little ones. Both Ashton and Annabelle were playing happily with Phoebe and Ellie. Ashton was too excited to meet girls and he threw up on Phoebe!! YES!!! HE THREW UP ON HER!!!! And worse, Phoebe got some of it in her mouth too! The shortly after, he had a poonami that got everywhere on his back! Oh my goodness Ashton! That’s not the way to impress a girl! Anyway, Annabelle was playing happily on a chair and both Phoebe and Ellie got outside to play with bubbles. Things went back to normal. It was funny and we all laughed about it afterward.

IMG_3006Other than visiting friends places, we also went out to shopping centre, once, with friends’ help. Yes, no joke man!! Taking both Annabelle and Ashton out is a mammoth task! But with a few friends, they could take turn to look after Ashton (yes only Ashton because Annabelle still wouldn’t let anyone to hold her apart from Sue and her parents).

I still couldn’t hold Annabelle this month. She still hasn’t seen enough of me, though she love seeing my face during Facetime. She’s such a cute baby when she wasn’t crying and much easier to look after too! Both of Annabelle and Ashton started teething last month but it looked like it was getting more uncomfortable, especially to Ashton. He’s been moody and not sleeping well. Umm.. Ashton never slept well at night anyway but it just got worse. He just woke up every hour or two at night, every night! He even got eye bags and dark circles now! Poor Ashton, and poor Susan too, since she had to look after him during the week when I wasn’t there. I just wish that he will be better very soon so everyone can have a good night sleep!

IMG_4780So, nine months in and we didn’t find anything being easier. In fact, it’s getting harder. Now that both Annabelle and Ashton learnt how to sit and they both wanted us to play with them than just holding them. It could be a very mentally draining task (physical in some cases). Either of them would get bored very quickly so we had to think of something new to entertain them. We read them books, sang songs and played stuffed and noisy toys.

Annabelle developed her body coordination very well and she was able to control both arms and hands. She started tearing papers (from the book) and grabbing on toys and passed between hands. Ashton still learning but he was much better in putting things to his mouth.IMG_3094

IMG_4804Talking about mouth, we started weaning both of them by giving them porridge. In this case, Ashton was way better in swallowing than Annabelle. We had been giving them tastes of fruits throughout the summer and they really loved watermelons and strawberries. Ashton seemed to love porridge too!. As we starting to weaning them, we also see changes in their ‘poo’. They were definitely more solid!! haha. Too much detail but that’s it, just more solid.


Very soon it will be their birthday! I just can’t believe it’s been nine months already but I am just so happy to see them growing happily and healthily!


Next Month – still teething!!!!! Annabelle stopped crying and a WEDDING!!!!!!!


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4 responses to “Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 009

  1. Oh this brings back memories. Especially the poonami as you call it! We had a similar experience when I had to go from breastfeeding to bottle. Our girl did this humungous squelchy poo in her nappy. It came out of her nappy and went all up her back and it even got into her belly button. We ended up having to put her in the laundry tub to wash her and get it all out. Her poo was this horrible dark green colour with the consistency of paint ball paint. It took both my husband and I to clean her up. And all the while we were in fits of laughter the whole time! But it is scary as new parents. And it doesn’t necessarily get any easier, It just changes as they change and go through their stages. There’s always a new challenge around the corner but the special moments they bring you will treasure always. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kerry, yeah all these little baby moments will be all the ‘happy’ memories that we will all grow old with and something that we will keep telling our kids when they grow up. Thanks for reading it and I am writing it just as a diary for my kids to read when they are older haha… not sure what they will think!

      • πŸ™‚ I hope they appreciate your efforts, though they may be a little embarrassed.

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