Blog – Emma & Chi’s Brilliant Wedding

Since my twins arrived, I haven’t accepted any wedding jobs. It’s been 9 months or so and indeed my fingers were getting a little itchy. This year, I am also trialling to use Leica and replace my DSLR kit for a more discrete approach and some unique rendering from Leica’s famous optics. Not until my sister-in-law’s wedding day, I had been using it for some street shots only.

Being a family meant that I didn’t have to do my professional duty so I was able to test it fully with my Leica, though I carried along with my DSLR as I was still hoping for some nice portraits which I am very fond about. You can read about my experience on using the Leica HERE.

As promised, I have attached a full gallery here so you can see the wedding shots I took, both in colour and mono films and digital. I have included a lot more family photos here (because I am part of it) for sharing all the aunties and uncles can see them.

If you want your wedding to be photographed by me, let me know! Now you have a choice of film or digital weddings either are great and VERY different!!


Jimmy / @FotosByJ


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