Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 008

IMG_2787Time really flies as you get older and especially so when you have kids. 2013 is a big year for our family when we have two additional members. Annabelle and Ashton are both growing fast. Despite being 8-month old, they are still a little small compare to other babies because they were born two months early. So we always talk about their corrected age, which is 6 months. They are still catching up and still learning lots of new things.

As a father, the hardest thing is to leave your kids behind when you get to work. In my case, it is even harder. Our home is being renovated, to make it better and more spacious. To be frank, I thought it would be nice to have all of these work done before the babies are born but in our Chinese saying, we don’t want to disturb the babies so no house work was allowed. Strange but like always, better believe it than regret it later. It’s a strange world out there and we all have different believes.

IMG_2507So, my house is being done and the work is on going. Annabelle and Ashton, together with their mother, are now with the grandparents. I only see them during weekends. Since they don’t talk just yet so my only communication with them is through the great Apple FaceTime. It’s fun whenever I talk to Annabelle. Not only she is very interactive but she really loves the iPhone screen or as a matter of fact, the iPhone itself. She would just try to grab it and play with it. Ashton is a little behind in this department or he just isn’t interested in it.IMG_4245

IMG_2392But this month proves to be the hardest month for me. Annabelle has learnt to recognise faces. Yeah, you see that coming right? So she now doesn’t let me hold her. I know she will grow out of it soon enough but it could be a couple of bad months for me as I just couldn’t touch her. Strange it may seem, she lets me play with her, change her nappies but just not holding her or bathing her. Aww… Oh well, it just makes it harder for Sue as now she and her parents are the Annabelle ‘exclusive’ club members!! I am just not invited. Sad daddy._MG_7812

Well, at least Ashton still likes me. ahhaa… Ashton, as described in my previous blogs, is a sociable baby. He loves playing with people and doesn’t really mind strange people. So I am still there with him.

IMG_2138As a father, sometimes it is easy to forget how quickly they grow and learn new things. Now it’s more apparent because I only see them during weekends. Annabelle’s body control and co-ordination are very well developed now. She is able to use her hands to grab stuff around her. For things that slightly out of reach, she even uses her legs and feet to try to get them and pull towards her so she can use her hands and arms! Clever little girl!

Ashton is slight slower in this department but he’s improving. What he’s good at is getting your attention by looking and smiling at you. I actually think Ashton is cleverer than Annabelle. Why? Well, he knows that he could get away from being fed and carried so he just doesn’t want to stand, sit or grab stuff. He rather waits until we feed him, carry him and put him to sleep. So, whether he actually knows how to do ‘it’ or just pretending not to do ‘it’ is a mystery. But either way, they are both growing.IMG_2407

UK was hit by a series of heat waves and I definitely felt the summer was here! We had some weird mix of weather lately, the coldest March, driest April, wetest May and hottest June. Whether its the result of global warming, it’s getting a little extreme. So this hot month also saw Annabelle and Ashton’s first swim! I wasn’t there but my wife took them to the pool. From what I heard, they loved it! I would image so after seeing how they love their bathing time. Both of them would just give me the biggest smile of the day whenever I dipped them into their baby bathing tub.IMG_2554

In terms of development, it’s more of the continuation of the previous month. Annabelle is very well coordinated now and she knows how to use her hands very well. We also push them to learn how to sit. Neither of them like tummy time so they just don’t crawl. Annabelle’s better coordinated body is a bonus when it comes to learning to sit because she balances better. Ashton is doing his usual business by resisting sitting by pushing his legs all the time so he will just fall all over the place.

This month they both learn how to laugh out loud and they smile a lot more (apart from the time when Annabelle is held by strangers – that includes me! or when either of them are hungry and sleepy). Ashton even smiles when he’s done a poo poo. Either also starts to do some really funny expressions and make some weird noises.


I adore my children and they are both cute and sweet. As a photographer daddy means that there will be no shortage of photos. Now with advance technologies, we can take photos everywhere, from iPhone, iPad, big cameras, small cameras. I used all of them!!! I think I must have nearly ten thousand photos in my archive now. IMG_2429

As they grow, their dependency towards the parents diminishes. Well, they are still babies but I already feel the change since they were born. In fact neither Sue nor I had much chances of cuddling them in the first two months as they were in the incubators. But the first three to four months were the sweetest to us. I really missed the time when they used to sleep in my tummy or chest. Now they are bigger and they just don’t want that anymore. I think things will change even more when they learn to walk too!IMG_2428

I love my wife and my children and we both look forward to seeing them grow!

Next Month – More teething and measles… and tearing things apart!

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