Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 007

Twins in buggy007?? Double ‘O’ Seven?? I definitely felt like a man on a mission and sometimes in secret! I will tell you why later. First, this is my seventh baby blog and I can’t believe that times flies so quickly these days. Annabelle and Ashton are getting bigger everyday and they are certainly developing their personalities well too (umm…). This month, both of them act like little lady and gentlemen. Annabelle certainly behaves more and more like a girl and Ashton is, well, a boy.Ashton laughs

I mentioned how they became more interactive in my last blog and now they are up another level. Both eye sights are developing well and now they can see very far. Annabelle also starts to recognise people. Whoever walks through the door, she will stare at you for a good two minutes or so and if she doesn’t recognise you, you will be greeted by a thunder-like cry!! And if she recognises you, then she will hold both of her arms out and asks to be held, clever girl!!! She even talks to me on iPhone! Well, not really talking but she does react to me in the screen!Facetime

In the opposite, I am not too certain if Ashton recognises people because he’s such a social animal, haha, I mean he loves to play with people, no matter who he/she was, so long that you are prepare to play with him!Facetime

For the same reason, I think, it becomes a problem when taking Annabelle out. She hates it. She hates everywhere but home. Because it is where she recognises and considers as safe. This is a complete turn around from previous months when she would simply fall asleep in the car seat. Now? She will give me a warning look first, “Dad, why are you putting me in this car seat, are we going anywhere?”. Then if I ignore her glance for more than 10 seconds, she will give me an ear bashing! I mean loud!! Ashton on the other hand, used to wake up in the car and cried, can now sleep in the car.

IMG_3866It was worth noting that we thought it would be a good idea to take them out on our 5th year anniversary, as a family.  All we did was driving to Greenwich, where we got married, and strolled along the bank. At first, things were fine and Annabelle didn’t complaint too much and just kept quiet in the buggy. But things soon changed when we found ourselves in Nandos. There was little warning and suddently, monsoon came upon us. Annabelle cried. Louder than ever. I am telling you, when she cries, sometimes she will get herself into such a state that she couldn’t stop herself and cries even more and louder. That’s exactly what happened. I felt a little embarrassed and eventually, we left the restaurant. At that point, Sue’s sister, Emma, joined us at Cutty Sark after a short while and we went back to her flat nearby. Annabelle continued to cry even when Sue was holding her. But she stopped soon after we were inside her place. For some strange reasons, perhaps she knew that she was in a safer and quieter place, she stopped crying. That was an outburst episode that repeated many times when we tried to go out.Facetiming!

We gave up in the end. I knew you would think that we were cruel but we left Annabelle with grandma and went out with Ashton only. Yes we did, sorry Annabelle and one day you will read this and will probably dislike your daddy and mommy 😀

When we took just Ashton, we realised just how easy to take care of one baby, well, comparatively! Yes!!!! I am saying that again, it’s easy to take care of one baby!!! This perhaps was our first outing with only one. Just preparation alone was so much quicker when everything is only for one instead of two. We even took out the twin bracket on our buggy and made it into a single seater. Ashton was very well behaved and Sue was able to sit at the back of the car too! These are little things that normal single-child parents would take it for granted. I know being a new parents, irrespective of number of babies, is difficult but we would never imagine the difference of having just one when compare to two. When we were out, we could take turn to look after Ashton. When we had lunch, it was a simple affair, even when he’s crying. One of us could comfort him while the other would eat, well you got the picture. With two at the same time, one would set another so we could never rest. Feeding was scheduled instead of on demand like most babies. Two words – HARD WORK!

This month, they also learn to enjoy something sweet – fruits. Ashton was the first one to like strawberries and watermelons. He would suck until the entire piece was disintegrated in his mouth. We were worry about him biting little pieces off and choked himself but instead, he just sucked the fruit until it’s flat and dried. Annabelle liked it too but not as frantic as her brother.IMG_2046

Double trouble huh? Well yes and that’s very true in real life measure, time, attention and money. But the rewards are doubled too! You get two lovely kids smiling at you and your heart will just melt. We are hanging on and life goes on with our twins. Stressful at times but thanks to our family and friends, we have all the support in the world!

Next Month – Annabelle continues to cry. Teething and scratching their heads 😀

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