Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 006

Annabelle & AshtonIf you have read my previous baby blogs, thank you for following my ‘daddy’ writings. I am writing retrospectively so this blog reflects on what happened a couple of months ago (and hence I can give you some advance notes on what I am going to write next month, usually at the end of each blog). So here we are, my update on their sixth month! A mini milestone in my view because they are ‘HALF’ year-old!!

Annabelle's SleepingIf you look back at Annabelle and Ashton’s earlier photos in my previous blogs, you will notice how much they have changed since. In my first two blogs, they were usually sleeping in all their photos and as time progressed, my pictures showed more and more of them awake and now, this month, you really see them smiling and laughing. This month, I will continue and expand more on their development as they grow older and smarter.

Ashton was the first to laugh or giggle and Annabelle was the first to smile. Ashton, a typical boy, loves stimulations like tapping his hands, kissing his neck or belly. He definitely the one who seeks adventure and excitement all the time. Annabelle, a typical lady, loves her beauty sleep. She has yet to laugh but she will smile at you when she first woke up every day. That’s probably the sweetest moment of Annabelle. She seemed so happy to see daddy or mommy in the morning. Ashton, on the other hand, will ignore you unless you are playing with him. Umm… hahaIMG_1581

Their Sixth Month

Having experienced going out with the babies, Sue and I definitely wanted to take them out more. It might be a colossal effort but it was nice for Sue to go out for a walk after spending majority of her time looking after the twins at home. It might not be strange for any parent to start noticing stuff that he/she would previously normally ignore. Baby-friendliness. Yes this is the technical word for it. Sue and I started to comment on things around us. “This restaurant isn’t baby-friendly. There isn’t space for you to put buggy there”, “Shopping centers are better because there are parents room and changing facilities”, “Streets are horrible, there were no dropped kerbs for the buggy”. These are just a few that we commented this month. As you starting to go out, things that were not baby-friendly would become more apparent. I wouldn’t give a dawn about dropped kerbs on pavements or care about the availability of parents room. Man…Out and about

But getting around with the twin buggy can be a challenge on its own. We already have the compact iCandy Blossom twin buggy. The double-decker-bus-looking push chair is very famous for their versatility and compactness. It did take a while before we decided to buy it. There are not many twin buggies out there and most of which are either too wide or too long. But even with our compact iCandy, we found that many London restaurants simply do not have the space to accommodate buggies. Another problem is its weight. The iCandy can be a heavy beast with our Maxi Cosi Pebble car seats attached. With its weight, pushing it along is quite smooth and nice but the downside is that it can be tiring when you are pushing along uneven surfaces or in hilly areas. Some other multi-terrain buggies prove to be more effective but they are nearly double the size. So pros and cons that can only be decided upon your needs. Saying that though, we like the iCandy.

Daddy and twinsBeing a photographer dad doesn’t always mean I could take all the photos myself. So this month, we went to a studio to have our first family portrait done. Neither Annabelle or Ashton could sit up yet so they would need to sit in baby seats or be held for the photoshoot. Perhaps they were still a little too young but we really wanted some pictures done when they are still infant-like. It’s more of a record for us but the photos turned out really nice. As usual, Ashton was the first one to lose his patience and started to cry while Annabelle was resting (well… you will see how they change next month!). So we had to cut our shoot a little shorter than expected because Ashton wouldn’t settle. Perhaps the studio was a little smelly (film developing chemicals) and the modelling lights were rather ‘warm’. So even us parents found it a little hot at times. Mommy & twins

So this month there weren’t too much drama nor we went somewhere special other than having some photos done but we are certainly heading out a little more often.

On the funny yet messy note. I am not talking about their giggles or laughs (well, that’s more happy and funny, certainly not messy).

Baby poo. Yes, poo!!!!  Weeing and vomiting aside, baby poos are probably the worst mess of all. They stink and…. well… messy and can smear everywhere. That’s exactly what happened to Annabelle a few times. Ashton seemed to learn to show us when he’s pooing. He would give us a look and made some noise, well normally during feeding. Annabelle on the other hand, kept it very quiet and by the time you realised that she’d done a poo, it was already too late. On numerous occasions, her nappy was simply too full (and you know what I am going to say) that the poo got squeezed out from the sides. So when we realised, that meant when we smelled something weird, the poo already got out and it was all over her back and clothes. The funny part was that she looked so innocent yet a little guilty smile that followed. Aiyaaaa Annabelle. There were times that we simply had to cut her clothes off and threw them away!Annabelle's awake!

So here we are parents to witness all the aspects of parenthood, that of course includes all the mess too!

About the twins

You can call me a geek. Since my last blog, I started to analyse their development. I think that’s fascinating how human develop from infant to adulthood. Really. Well, I am no university professor but I am only observing how they change, especially twins. I don’t compare them in good or bad but rather the interesting aspect of differences between twins’s development.


PlaytimeI believed, at least from their reactions, Annabelle and Ashton started to realise when we called them. I didn’t believe, however, that they know their names just yet. Annabelle is very responding to sound very well and she knew when to look at you when you call or looked at an object if it’s making sound. Interesting. Ashton, well, either his laziness for not responding or he hadn’t developed as quickly as Annabelle. He did respond to sound but in a far more primitive level. His head would turn to the direction of sound but he wasn’t able to look at the source of sound or differentiated sounds like Annabelle did. But we all knew that babies grew and developed at different pace but since they were twins so we often had some direct comparison right before our eyes.

Speech (or making sounds)

Ashton's giggleBy this month, Ashton really made a lot of noises. Sometimes, it seemed like he’s talking to you. He would look very serious, staring at you when he’s making noises. Annabelle was yet to make much noises apart from crying. Ashton was also the first to giggle and even laughed out loud too! That was the funniest part when we first heard him laugh. It really made us laugh too!


We're dressed up!It’s a transition period I think. Both Annabelle and Ashton used to start at black and white patterns but they also started to notice colours. We had a mobile attached to our changing mat with black and white patterns on one side and colours on the other. In previous months, they would simply ignore the coloured side but when you flipped to black and white, they would just stare. They are also seeing further too. One thing that we noticed is that they both have crossed eyes but that’s normal accordingly to doctors. They should return to normal later. Well… that’s what made babies look cute!

A surprise change next month… watch this space!


Thank you for reading my blog and please support my work and this site by buying stuff from Amazon via the link at the bottom (only if you need to buy stuff of course). 

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