Blog – Being a Dad of Twins – Diary 005

AshtonMonth number five, a big changing month for the babies and us. In previous months, they were new borns. All they did was feeding and sleeping. Even though they both showed signs of interactions, they weren’t as obvious as their fifth month. Apart from travelling to the in-laws house over the weekends, we stayed home most of the time. But we had a little venture to White City Westfield shopping centre to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Going out…

SusanMother’s Day was the first time that we properly took them out and we realised just how tiring and time consuming it could be. Preparing twins for going out was like training for a marathon. The time and  involved was simply shocking. Because we had twins, Sue stopped breast feeding and went for formulas and bottles. We also used a feeding time schedule and not demand fed because it would be impossible to do so. Therefore, we timed ourselves and fed them just before we went out so they could have a nap in the car. month5  016But we had to change them before feeding so the entire process took about and hour. Before the feed, Sue had to spend another thirty to forty five minutes just to pack the baby bag, extra clothes, milk powers, hot water flasks, nappies, wipes… all the essentials. I guess that many would ask us why the fuss but you wouldn’t know until you have twins. For many single-baby parents, life is much simpler, trust me. So about two hours later, we were ready to go.month5  012

As we live in central London, it was a 30 mins drive to Westfield. At their fifth month, they were still in their three hourly feed so we had to quickly have our mother’s day lunch at a fast restaurant. Just when our lunch arrived at our table, Ashton started to make some noises, a signal for food… So we quickly and ate, it wasn’t anything romantic and we couldn’t afford to. So it was enjoyable in essence that I celebrated mother’s day with my wife but it was short lived. Annabelle started crying for food so we stuffed our mouths and eventually left the restaurant and quickly headed to the parents room.

month5  013Both did big poo poo when we changed them and that was another ninety minutes spent in the parents room. After the feed, Annabelle went back to sleep while Ashton stayed awake to check out the nice shopping centre. We quickly strolled around the shopping centre but soon we left just to allow enough time for home travel before their next feed. This summed up our day. It was never relaxing but perhaps it was our first time out  with the twins so everything was kind of a shock to us. In the end, we were exhausted from rushing everything but still we enjoyed our time but what an adventure, woooof!!

We then also went for a quick trip out to St. James Park for a quick stroll the following week. It was less of a drama because we learnt from out Westfield experience and restricted our time outside. We still had to feed them eventually, in the Creep (yes…) But all in all, it wasn’t too bad. I guess we are getting use to it.


month5  006So they are in their fifth month and already learnt a lot. We have witnessed all the changes they have had over the past months and perhaps this is the most ‘advanced’ month for both Annabelle and Ashton.

Both started to recognise voices and develop further vision. They were much more alert and started to touch and feel. Ashton was probably the first to laugh while Annabelle, a proper lady, smiled every morning when she woke up. Ashton became very playful too. He loved attention and wanted to be held all the time. He laughed out loud too when you tapped his hands. Annabelle continued to enjoy her beauty sleep but started to look at bright stuff, namely TV!

So it sounded all fun for the parents but trust me, this also meant that they started to demand more of parents’ time and attention. Still there were not many sister/brother interaction just yet. We put them together but they simply played individually that looked like they were ignoring each other. Kind of fun to watch though. What we also noticed was that they started to develop preferences. Both Annabelle and Ashton would wanted particular toys and raised their arm to get them.month5  010

Character development

That’s probably the most fun bit to observe as parents. It may not be as obvious when you have one baby because there isn’t another to compare. But since we have two so it’s quite interesting to see how they develop their characters. In fact, their traits are all opposite to each other. Quite obvious that Ashton is very boy-like. Loud laughs, lots of noises and kicks a lot. He’s also the impatient one too. But that’s from when he was first born. The Annabelle is more lady like, always held her hands together and smiles. She also loves sticking her tongue out when she smiles too. Love it.

So this is our fifth month, tiring as usual but all for the better and fun. They started to interact, not quite communicating yet. In my next blog, there will be more happy moments and some dramas too! Stay tune for my next blog!month5  014

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