Blog – Merry Christmas!

A very short message from me indeed. First I must apologize for not updating anything for a while. It’s all for the good reason too! I just became a father of my twin babies, Annabelle and Ashton. They were born three weeks ago and I have been overjoyed ever since. It’s the best Christmas present ever!

I am writing this blog just to say thank you for all the best wishes from all my family and friends. Especially to my dear wife, who gave me two beautiful babies!

I have stopped writing and reviewing for a month now and virtually freeze all my photography projects too. But don’t worry, I will resume in 2013!

But since the inception of Talktog in June, I have received numerous praises and a few followers. So I want to say thank you too! I will work harder next year and hopefully start my video reviews too so watch this space!

So I will stop here so you can enjoy this fantastic 2012 Christmas with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!!

Jimmy Cheng


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